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Then, the drivers compatible to your system can be auto-detected and listed on the support CD driver page.

AsRock N68-VGS3 FX

Please follow the order from up to bottom side to install those required drivers. Therefore, the drivers you install can work properly. Besides, there is no need for you to change the BIOS setting. Please refer to the warning on page 8 for the possible overclocking risk before you apply Untied Overclocking Technology. You ASRock N68-VGS3 FX also restart by turning the system off and then back on.

Drivers and utilites for ASRock motherboards - choice of model.

Because the BIOS software is constantly being updated, the following BIOS setup screens and descriptions are for reference purpose only, and they may not exactly match what you see on your screen. System Time [Hour: Second] Use this item to specify the system time. Main OC ASRock N68-VGS3 FX. Processor Maximum Frequency x Overclocking may cause damage to your CPU and motherboard. The default value is [Auto].

Configuration options: Confi guration options: The default value is [Enabled]. The configuration options depend on the CPU core you adopt.

The default value is [Disabled]. However, it is recommended to ASRock N68-VGS3 FX the default value for system stability. CPU Frequency Multiplier For safety and system stability, it is not recommended to adjust the value of this item.

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Processor Voltage It allows you to adjust the value of processor voltage. However, for safety and system stability, it is not recommended to adjust the value ASRock N68-VGS3 FX this item. NB Frequency Multiplier For safety and system stability, it is not recommended to adjust the value of this item.


You can set one of the standard values as listed: Bank Interleaving Interleaving allows memory accesses to be spread out over banks on the same node, or accross nodes, decreasing access contention. The default value is [Hash 2]. The default is [Auto]. Chipset Settings Chipset ASRock N68-VGS3 FX Use this to select chipset voltage. Would you like to save current setting user defaults?

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In this ASRock N68-VGS3 FX, you are allowed to load and save three user defaults according to your own requirements. In this section, you may set the configurations for the following items: Setting wrong values in below sections may cause system to malfunction.


Setting wrong values in this section may cause the system to malfunction. Please set this item to [Disabled] if above issue occurs.

Please note that enabling this function may reduce CPU voltage and memory frequency, and lead to system stability or compatibility issue with some memory modules or power supplies. Please set this item to [Disable] if ASRock N68-VGS3 FX issue occurs. NVGS3 FX. Supports AM3+ Processor; Supports Dual Channel DDR3 ASRock N68-VGS3 FX Integrated NVIDIA® GeForce graphics, DX VGA, Pixel Shader Integrated NVIDIA® GeForce graphics, DX VGA, Pixel Shader - Support up to 95W Socket AM3 processors: AMD Phenom™ II X6 / X4 / X3 / X2 (except / ) / Athlon II X4 / X3 / X2 / Sempron processors. *If you adopt AM3+ CPU and install Windows® XP OS, you need to use.

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