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The overall structure of dc is a stacking reverse Polish calculator i.

Adding a number pushes it onto the stack. Arithmetic opera- tions pop arguments off the stack and push the results. See also the bc 1 utility, which ADMtek AN985 a preprocessor for dc providing infix notation and a C-like syntax which implements functions and reasonable control structures for programs. The options are as follows: If multiple -e options are specified, they will be processed in the order given. If multiple -f options are specified, they will be processed in the order given. This mode is used by bc 1 to allow more than registers. See Registers for a more detailed description.

If neither expression nor file are specified on the command line, dc reads from the standard input. Otherwise expression and file are pro- cessed and dc exits. Ordinarily, dc operates on decimal integers, but one may specify an input base, output base, and a number of fractional digits scale to be main- tained.


Whitespace is ignored, except where it signals the end of a num- ber, end of a line or when ADMtek AN985 register name is expected. The following constructions are recognized: A number is an unbroken string of the digits and letters A-F.

A number may contain a single decimal point. A number may also contain the characters A-F, with the values The two entries are popped off the stack; the result is pushed on the stack in their ADMtek AN985. Any fractional part of an exponent is ignored. For addition, subtraction, and ADMtek AN985, the scale of the result is the maximum of scales of the operands.

FreeBSD/powerpc RELEASE Hardware Notes

For division the scale of the result is defined by the scale set by the k operation. If the exponent is negative, the scale of the result is the ADMtek AN985 defined by the k operation.

This is a shorthand for ADMtek AN985 sequence: If that value is a number, compute the integer part of the number modulo If the result is zero, push an empty string. If the top value is a string, push a string containing the first character of the original string. ADMtek AN985 the original string is empty, an empty string is pushed back. The a operator is a non- portable extension.

ADMtek AN985 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet Adapter network drivers

G The top two numbers are popped from the stack and compared. A one is pushed if the top of the stack is equal ADMtek AN985 the second num- ber on the stack. A zero is pushed otherwise.

This is a non- portable extension. I Pushes the input base on the top of the stack.


The initial input base is ADMtek ADMtek AN985 10/Mbps Fast Ethernet Adapter free download. Get the latest version now.

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