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The Elo Touchscreen Control Panel application allows configuration of the driver to suit Elo USB user's needs as well as to display system and diagnostic information to the user. Elo USB tab in the Elo Touchscreen Control Panel will be described in the following sections. The video calibration program, EloVa Normal for 3 point calibration or EloVa25p Enhanced for 25 point calibration, can be launch from this tab.

The other tabs will be Elo USB in the proceeding sections. Mode The Mode tab selects touch screen operating mode and enables you to configure touch functionality and desktop appearance.


All selections made in the Mode tab will be activated after clicking the "Apply" button at Elo USB bottom of the window. Mouse Elo USB Emulation Mode Mouse button emulation mode is selected by selecting the appropriate radio button. It functions as expected from a standard mouse.

Elo USB cable - 1.5 ft

Draging and highlighting is supported in this mode. More Elo USB in the "Mouse Emulation Drag and Double-click " section below. The user's finger must be removed from the touch screen before a new touch on the touch screen can be initiated. Tap and drag is NOT supported in this mode. Dragging across objects on the screen will not highlight or select them unless the untouch occurs when the touch is over the object.


Untouch TimeOut Untouch timeout delay setting from 0 to seconds with the default being 10 seconds. Mouse Emulation Drag and Double-click Sends a "mouse down" message at the point of contact. Selects an object if it was at the initial point of contact. Drags a selected object on the screen. Elo USB

Response to dragging is set by the "Drag delay" slider bar. Sends a mouse up message at the point of untouch. Double-clicks on an object when the screen is touched twice in rapid succession at the same Elo USB.

The speed to achieve double-click is identical to the Elo USB of a successful double-click with the physical mouse. Double click Elo USB graphically sets the dimensions of the location around each clickable icon or object on the screen which will be recognized by Windows as a double-click. The size of the wire-frame square displayed in the Double click area tab is the actual size of double-click area accepted by Windows. The square can be increased or decreased in size by touching the appropriate arrows adjacent to the square. Note that the double-click box size is independent of screen resolution and must be defined for each user.

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Options Options allow various Elo USB of the desktop related to the touch screen to be configured. Each of the features selected will be activated after clicking the "Apply" button at the bottom of the tab. Hide arrow mouse pointer turns off the standard mouse cursor. Left-handed mouse interchanges the standard two-button mouse button assignments.

Elo Touch Solutions Driver User Manual

Elo USB Show tool tray utility activates the Elo system tray icon in the Windows Task Bar. See Tool Tray for a complete description of this feature. The beep Elo USB enabled by default when the driver is installed. It may be turned off by unchecking the Beep check box. With Beep enabled, the user can decide whether the beep occurs as soon as touch is detected or after untouch is detected.


The Tone frequency and Duration of the beep can be adjusted by moving the appropriate slider in this Elo USB. Tone and Duration is only enabled when Motherboard Beeper is enabled. Selections or changes to the settings in this tab will be applied when the "Apply" button is clicked. Touchscreen Properties A Properties tab will be created for each touch screen controller installed by EloSetup and for each serial port reserved for a controller, even if that controller is not present. A number will be assigned to each Properties page that is related to the order in which controllers or ports are detected or enumerated.

Elo USB interfaced touchmonitors should respond to touch shortly after the USB connection is made (and the detection wizard has run, in some cases) even if. Windows XP Pro operating system licensing will be valid through on Elo Touch Solutions products. As well as offering additional new OS options, support.

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