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View Full Version: Hi all. After reading many posts and considering my budget I have decided to build my own system that I feel comfy with. Feel free to let me know of potential problems if you see any. Here goes I didnt order a card cause I thought the on board one would work Very true haha I actually just bought a red led illuminated keyboard from there last night to match my red led case haha I guess if worse comes to worse I can fly there and grab one. I am looking to buy a Dell PC to do Behringer tb triforce recording with.


I've never really used a Mac and would rather use a Behringer tb triforce that i'm comfortable with. If I buy a brand new Dell which goes well above the standard system requirements will I have a problem working with Pro Tools comfortably?

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I am new to this Behringer tb triforce and I need some assistance. Here is my situation: I am not looking for maximum track count. The max I see myself needing is 24 tracks. Most of the time I don't expect to need more than 12 tracks. I don't need the latest graetest, bigest badest box on the block.

I just want to do some simple recording, without too much hassle during the process. Can I do the job with a pentium 4? I want just enough PC to get the job Behringer tb triforce effectively, without overkill. Any sugestions for a system? I am okay with building my own or buying a pre-made system, whichever is most cost effective.

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With these economic conditions, I was wondering what the most cost effective system would be at this time? Thanks, Logan.

The pentium 4 is from around the same era, I believe, so it Behringer tb triforce work for you to get the track count you want. If you want any powerful FX or virtual instruments, however, you are going to be a bit disappointed. If you are using Digi ,, a P4 works really well,, but if you move up to Le 7.

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I loved my and P4, but it was time after many years to upgrade,, and the difference is well worth it, once you get used to it!!! Get yourself a Duo with 2 internal drives RPM and you'll be happy!! Hope this helps ,,, Mike. Hope this helps ,,, Mike I'm using Maudio so the Digi probably gives better results on a given system, but I can tell you that the P4 will Behringer tb triforce gasping for air with 7. It's not the track count but the effects and VSTi that are killing it.

I've gotten many fine years out of Behringer tb triforce box, but it's time to move onward and upward. The bottleneck is the CPU on my system P4ht 3.

Hey everyone I'm a newbie at this and would like some info as to wether this setup I'm putting together would work Can anyone see anything wrong here or make a suggestion? Thanks much!: Has anyone tried this board I plan to buy it soon: The newer X58 boards with intel's i7 cpu are netting a large performance increase over the socket setups. Check Behringer tb triforce the i7 thread for more info. Also I was trying to keep cost down. The good folks at guitar center told me the mbox2, PTLS system would work on my laptop but it will not. How do I find the i7 thread? triforce is a vst instrument that closely emulates the sounds of a classic nintendo entertainment system.


there are only three wave types: square, triangle, and  Missing: Behringer. Introducing the X-Touch One DAW Controller.

85, views 4 months ago. X-TOUCH ONE is a Universal Control Surface with Touch-Sensitive Motor Fader and LCD Scribble Strip which enhances the workflow Behringer tb triforce any g: triforce ‎ Must include: triforce.

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