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If you want to place this router at high places or hang on the wall, please make sure the router is firmly secured.

Falling from high places would damage the router and its accessories, and warranty will be void. Accessories Conceptronic C150BRS4 Router this router, like antenna and power supply, are danger to small children under 3 years old.

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They may put the small parts in their nose or month and it could cause serious damage to them. The router will become hot when being used for long time This is normal and is not a malfunction.


DO NOT put this router on paper, cloth, or other flammable materials. There s no user-serviceable part inside the router.

If you found that the router is not working properly, please contact your dealer of purchase and ask for help. DO NOT disassemble the router, warranty will be void. Switch the electrical power off before you do anything, or contact an experienced technician for help. If you smell something strange, or even see some smoke coming out from the router or power supply, remove the power supply or switch the electrical power off immediately, and call dealer of purchase for help Package contents The following items are present in the package of the Conceptronic N wireless router: Conceptronic C150BRS4 Router check all LEDs on the front panel.


If PWD LED is not on, or any LED you expected is not on, please recheck the cabling, or jump to Troubleshooting for possible reasons and solution Connecting to wireless broadband router by web browser After the network connection is built, the next step you should do is setup the router with proper network parameters, so it can work properly in Conceptronic C150BRS4 Router network environment. Before you can connect to the router and start configuration procedures, your computer must be able to get an IP address automatically use dynamic IP address. If it s set to use static IP address, or you re unsure, please follow the following instructions to configure your computer to use dynamic IP address: Click Start button it should be located at lower-left corner of your computerthen click control panel.

Conceptronic C150BRS4 manual

Right-click Local Area Network, then select Properties. Input cmd, then click OK 9 14 Input ipconfig, then press Enter key. Please check the IP address followed by Default Gateway In this example, the IP address of router isplease note that this value may be different. A login window will be shown asking you for the user Conceptronic C150BRS4 Router and password. Please input user name and password in the field respectively, default user name is admin, and default password is admin, then click the Submit button. On the main page, you can see the status of the internet connection, the system status, firmware version and activated services.

Conceptronic C150BRS4 Router By default, the wireless router is configured to work with Dynamic IP addresses provided by the internet provider. This is a common used setting, making the wireless router to work out of the box in most cases.

Conceptronic CBRS4 manual - BKManuals

The wireless router is also encrypted by default, preventing unauthorized users to login to your wireless network. You can find the predefined encryption key on the bottom of the wireless router. Configuration - Home Home - Conceptronic C150BRS4 Router You can setup the wireless router through the Conceptronic C150BRS4 Router Wizard. This Wizard will help you configuring the basic settings of the wireless router step by step.

Before starting the Wizard, make sure you have all information about your internet connection available. Throughout this chapter the following applies: If you do not know which option to choose or do not have the necessary information available, you should either refer to the documentation of your internet Conceptronic C150BRS4 Router or contact your internet service provider from now on called ISP.

How to Reset the Conceptronic C54BRS4

Click on Wizard at the left menu on the main page. Click on Next to start the wizard. A popup with the Wizard will be shown Conceptronic C150BRS4 Router your screen: The welcome screen lists five steps of the wizard. Click Next to continue. Conceptronic C150BRS4 Router are recommended to set an admin password here. Enter the new password and re-enter it for confirmation. When completed, click Next. For system management purpose, a correct time setting is critical to have accurate time stamps on the system logs. Thank you for purchasing the Conceptronic CBRS4 Wireless Broadband Router! The Conceptronic CBRS4 utilizes advanced MIMO technology and.

Conceptronic N Wireless Router. In deze snelstartgids vindt u stap-voor-stap instructies voor de installatie van de Conceptronic CBRS4.


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