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Additionally, a stress test that generates traffic and measures performance metrics, in accordance with RFCis also provided. The stress Psiber LanExpert 85 Analyzer can be conducted using the two independent ports on a single unit or used with a second unit located remotely on a network. The LanExpert is a comprehensive network analyzer that allows users to deliver robust and reliable network services with a single test device.

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LAN installers, technicians, managers and service providers can now get expert network help at an affordable price. Once stored the frames must be downloaded to the computer and viewed in the Wireshark protocol analysis software this is a free software package go to www. The LanExpert starts a database of information as soon as Psiber LanExpert 85 Analyzer unit Links with the network.

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Some information is collected without running a specific test. Running other tests adds more information to the database. This data Psiber LanExpert 85 Analyzer saved until the Link is broken and then a new database is started. Saving "Detectors" will save all the information in the database to either internal memory or external flash-drive. The LanExpert can Recall any internally save data. Data can be uploaded through the network or the external flash-drive and make a report using the LanExpert Console Application.

Can I use only one tester to make RFC and traffic generate? If so, which mode would I choose? You can run the Stress Test using the two ports on one LanExpert. You can also conduct the Stress Test using two LanExperts. One unit is designated as the remote unit and both are set to the Single Ended Mode. Normally, how much time is needed to do a RFC test? What does Psiber LanExpert 85 Analyzer time mean in every item of RFC? This is typically only done in a laboratory environment and rarely if ever done in the field.

Field tests are almost always customized by the user to provide a thorough test within a more reasonable time frame. For example, the RFC requires testing with eight different packet sizes.


A typical field test will reduce the number of different packet sizes, many times only using the largest and smallest packet size, which greatly reduces the test time. The test times shown for each test on the LanExpert are for Psiber LanExpert 85 Analyzer default settings, which we have picked for field tests.

As the user changes the test parameters these Psiber LanExpert 85 Analyzer times will change so that the total test time is known before the tests are started. Recall allows the user to recall saved data to do more analysis at a later point in time. The data is displayed exactly how it was collected under Analyze Network. Under length mode, why do I get funny readings on pins 78?

Please make sure that the far end of the cable connected to the LanExpert is disconnected from the wiremap terminator or a network device. Can I measure cables other than network cables? The LanExpert only measures copper network cables ie. When I measure a patch cord, do I need to plug both ends into the LanExpert ports? Psiber LanExpert 85 Analyzer

Under Cable Test for LanExpert 80, plug one end of your cable into Port 2 while the other end of the cable should be disconnected. Port 2 is marked on the LanExpert with a yellow outline.

Cable & Network Analyzers

Make sure nothing is connected to Port 1 while making the measurement. The LanExpert 85 network analyzer provides expert assistance for all tiers of LAN installers, technicians and managers Psiber LanExpert 85 Analyzer with either copper or fiber media. Using either RJ or SFP port (LE85), tests including Ping, Link, Trace The LanExpert 85 network analyzer provides expert assistance for all tiers of LAN.

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