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The machine is very quiet, the editing features seem straightforward but I have not yet discovered a simple way to transfer parts of programs from HDD to internal DVD recorder.


The complex usage of edited playlists seems to me a bit cumbersome, but to be fair I have not read the manual in enough detail to see if there are shortcuts. Right now Pioneer DVR-640H-AV-S Recorder am seriously considering just attaching another DVD recorder to the outputs and burning disks that way, pausing for the unwanted parts and FF on the Pioneer. I think that is faster than making a lot of complicated playlists for each job. The recordings on the hard disk are excellent at the XP speed and the picture on the S-video output to my cheap 5-year-old analog Philips TV is so good it makes me regret that I plan to replace the TV. It has never looked Pioneer DVR-640H-AV-S Recorder good.


Pioneer DVR-640H-AV-S Recorder and tuning for stations was automatic and accurate for analog broadcast. The unit does Pioneer DVR-640H-AV-S Recorder tune digital stations. It passes closed captions through to the TV and even records them so that they will show up on playback if desired. But it does not decode the CC signal, so if your PBS station piggybacks the time signal to the CC feed, you are out of luck for automatic time setting.

To be fair, every other good brand of recorder I know about likewise ignores Pioneer DVR-640H-AV-S Recorder signals embedded in the closed captioning. Check with your PBS station or cable company to see how the time signal comes to you if it is an important feature. The remote main buttons are big and easy to use.

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The small buttons are under a sliding door for the editing and some other functions. And I've got a sister in Germany who has similar taste in shows yes, insanity is known to run in families, as is bad taste in Pioneer DVR-640H-AV-S Recorder.

Well, this recorder allows me and my sister to enjoy these compelling examples of television art Pioneer DVR-640H-AV-S Recorder, or many times, with the convenience and ease of use of a VCR, but the superior quality, form factor and navigation of a DVD. Admittedly, this is not the first DVD recorder I've brought home. Happily, these two issues are non-existent in the Pioneer DVR-640H-AV-S Recorder, and as technological advancements force prices down, the Pioneer sells for less than half the Panasonic recorder's original price.

Can we record on it"Bob the Builder.

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I put this compatibility to the test by dumping a few shows from my Panasonic DVD recorder's hard drive onto a DVD-RAM in Pioneer DVR-640H-AV-S Recorder speed dub mode, then using the Pioneer's high speed copy in the other direction to transfer Pioneer DVR-640H-AV-S Recorder programs to the Pioneer's hard drive. The programs transfered over fairly quickly limited in speed only by the DVD-RAM format itselfand with no loss as the copy was done entirely in the digital domain with no format conversion or re-encoding.


If you go into "Manual" MN mode, where you have more control over resolution and recording rates, Pioneer DVR-640H-AV-S Recorder can actually squeeze a full 24 hours of video into one dual layer DVD-R disc! Realistically speaking, if you care at all about video and audio quality, you Pioneer DVR-640H-AV-S Recorder record in LP mode and still get acceptable quality, with 4 hours on a single layer disc or a little over 7 hours on a dual layer disc. Recording times vary from 1 hour to 24 hours on one disc depending on quality settings and type of disc used.


Chart courtesy of Pioneer Electronics. But if you want gigabytes, then check out the built-in HDD hard disk drive: That's room for around 34 hours of programming in XP mode all the way up to hours at the lowest quality MN1 setting. Record your favorite shows to the hard drive Watch them and decide whether you want to keep a copy Edit the program if desired to clean up the beginning and end and remove any commercials Dump the show to DVD one or more episodes at a time Erase the version on the hard drive REPEAT It's a fairly straightforward process, and, with the Pioneer, every step of the way Pioneer DVR-640H-AV-S Recorder intuitive and painless, from the recording to the editing to the dubbing to DVD. Intuitive Operation My first test of any component is to ask myself, "self, you clever devil and modest toohow far can you get without opening the manual?

Multi-Format DVD Recorder with GB HDD with advanced media features. Pioneer Home USA offers the latest technology in AV Receivers, Blu-ray Disc The DVRH-S, with Pioneer DVR-640H-AV-S Recorder GB Hard Disk Drive, can hold up to an amazing an equilateral triangle, is intended to alert the user to the . 10 The PhotoViewer (DVRH-S/ . VCR via this recorder) using AV cables.

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