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In a portable computer of the type having a keyboard on a keyboard base section including internal components and a screen Hyperdata 4700 Audio a screen section pivotally attached to the keyboard base section, and a latch for latching the keyboard base section and screen section closed, the improvement comprising: The computer of claim 1 further comprising a padding material attached to an inside surface of the base cover section or upper cover section. The computer of claim 1 wherein the upper cover section is joined to the lower cover section. The computer of claim 1 further comprising hinge tabs extending from the front wall of the upper cover section and adapted to wrap around a lower edge of the upper section.

The computer of claim 1 wherein the upper section of the portable computer has a screen, and the upper cover section has a screen cutout opening aligned over the screen. Hyperdata 4700 Audio

The computer of claim 1 further comprising a transparent window attached to the screen section cover and positioned over the screen. These computers generally Hyperdata 4700 Audio a base section containing a keyboard, disk drives, power supply, and other components.

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A screen or upper section is generally attached to the base section by a hinge, so that the upper section can be pivoted upwardly during use. The upper section typically includes the screen, speakers, and occasionally other controls or components. When the computer is not in use, the screen Hyperdata 4700 Audio folded flat against the base, forming a compact package. The Hyperdata 4700 Audio section is held closed by a latch.

The upper and lower sections or housings are often made of hard plastic, to offer some level of protection against impact, spilled Hyperdata 4700 Audio, and other adverse environmental conditions. However, the hard plastic case or housings are themselves subject to abuse, such as chipping, scratching, etc. To protect the entire computer, including the hard plastic housings, various computer cases have been used. These known cases generally zip open to receive the computer with cloth or foam padding on some or all sides. Often, such computer cases have handles or carrying straps.

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Hyperdata 4700 Audio While these types of cases have been successfully used, they have certain disadvantages. For example, the case must be zipped open and the computer removed before it can be used. Power and peripheral cables generally must be disconnected before placing the computer in the case, and then reconnected before use. In addition, the case offers no protection to the computer, when the computer is not in the case.


Moreover, such computer cases are generally bulky and can be relatively heavy in relation to the computer itself. Accordingly, there is Hyperdata 4700 Audio need for an improved cover or case for portable computers. Other and further objects will appear hereinafter.

A flap extends from the rear wall. The base cover section advantageously has a Hyperdata 4700 Audio of openings adapted to align over components of the computer, when the base cover section is installed over the base of the portable computer.


An upper or screen cover section, in a preferred embodiment, has front and rear walls joined by left and right side walls and a top wall, and having an open bottom. Elastic flaps advantageously extend from the front wall. The upper cover section envelops or slides over the upper or screen section of the computer and is secured into place by the flaps stretching and wrapping around the hinge between the base and upper sections of the computer, with a Velcro pad on the flaps attaching to a mating pad on the back wall of the upper cover section. The base and upper cover sections preferably are made Hyperdata 4700 Audio thin leather or vinyl. A hard or flexible transparent screen forms part of the front wall of the upper cover section and aligns with the screen of the computer, when the upper cover section is installed.


Similarly, access to other components, connectors or controls of the computer is preferably provided by openings in the base and upper cover sections. The base section includes a top wall 25, base end wall 26, a rear wall 27, Hyperdata 4700 Audio side wall 28 and a left side wall 29, preferably continuously joined together to provide glove-like structural integrity and a neat and attractive appearance.

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Of course, depending on the material of manufacture, at certain locations the walls may need to be joined by stitching, adhesives, etc. The top wall 25, rear wall 27 and right and left side walls 28 and 29, form a generally rectangular opening 30 adapted to slide over the base section of a computer. A flap 32 extends from the rear wall 27 and includes a Velcro fastener Referring still to FIG. The openings are cut out of the material of the cover 20 at specific locations, so that they will appropriately align with their respective computer component for example, connectors, Hyperdata 4700 Audio, controls, etc.

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