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I am not going to detail the differences between edge-lit and direct-lit technologies. You can read about it in my review of the Sony 52HX One of the tell-tale characteristics of many edge-lit TVs is their inability to evenly disperse light across the screen, which causes hot spots.

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I am glad to report that the edge-lit NX did an admirable job of spreading the illumination. Hot spots are not a problem with this TV. But I couldn't help feeling that those tiny LEDs along the edge of the screen - even with local dimming engaged Sony KDL-55NX810 BRAVIA HDTV just were not as committed to creating deep blacks as direct-lit LEDs are. When viewing Sony KDL-55NX810 BRAVIA HDTV whimsical Alice in Wonderland 3D Blu-ray, I thought the rendering of the 3D effect was occasionally a little too artificially sharp. I also noticed ghost images every once in a while.

In addition, Sony KDL-55NX810 BRAVIA HDTV you tilt your head while wearing the 3D glasses, the brightness and color of the picture shifts. I experienced this on the HX too. Simply, I have seen better 3D performance from other TVs. To be fair, I have also seen worse. And for the less critical, the NX 3D image should be dandy. One last word before I leave the 3D world. The NX offers the option of displaying 2D content in 3D. You find the controls in the 3D menu.

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Finally, what I am sure will be a big hit with the Playstation crowd, we are teased with a sneak peek preview of the "Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Considering what could have been, perhaps that discretion was the better part of valor. The ability also allows the TV to see any media servers that you have on the network. Every time I write about streaming video from the Internet, I feel that I need to repeat this caveat, if you are serious about obtaining good picture quality, you will need fairly fast and robust bandwidth from your Internet provider, ideally around 10Mbps. I know some sites suggest as low as 2. At least Sony KDL-55NX810 BRAVIA HDTV to have around 5Mbps.

Sony KDLNX BRAVIA NX Series - 55" 3D LED TV Overview - CNET

Even then, you might run into the dreaded buffering. Qriocity checks your bandwidth before it plays a video and then optimizes the stream. No matter, the SI preview stuttered and buffered literally every ten seconds.

For streaming music, Slacker Personal Radio provides songs from a wide variety of musical genres. Of course, you can Sony KDL-55NX810 BRAVIA HDTV music files that reside on your computer or you can shuttle files from your computer to your TV with USB flash drives. Either way, you can add music to slideshows that you can play on the NX The slideshow interface is very good, though it only offers three speed choices Fast, Medium and Slow and three Slideshow Effects, but it includes the requisite Cross fade.


The four Photo picture modes, Standard, Vivid, Custom and Originalare critical to photographers who want to present their images in the best possible light. The slideshow menu also contains a list of features that allow you to customize your presentation. For example, if you connect a digital still camera with a GPS function, you can Sony KDL-55NX810 BRAVIA HDTV both the photo and, overlaid in a corner, a map of the location where the photo was taken. The multi-function remote control is one of the longest that I have handled. Looking at the size and layout of the buttons, I assume that the designers reckoned that Sony KDL-55NX810 BRAVIA HDTV people use the number buttons more than the others. They are bigger than the rest with large easy to read labels.

But I do like the dedicated buttons that take you directly to menus like Internet Video and Qriocity. And the multi-purpose Options button provides a quick shortcut to context sensitive menus.

If you punch the Light button on the remote, a blue backlight glows around all the buttons. The designers also added an uncommon twist. As you can begin to see, the NX is a fully featured TV that will take some time to explore. For more information on all of the TV's functions, Sony offers an on-screen i-Manual that you can access by hitting the i-Manual button on the remote. It's still not highly detailed, but it does a reasonable job of giving most consumers all the knowledge that they Sony KDL-55NX810 BRAVIA HDTV to get up to speed. Amazon Video on Sony: Register your Sony HDTV or Blu-ray Player with Amazon Video and you can Sony KDL-55NX810 BRAVIA HDTV stream thousands of movies and TV shows.

TCL 55S Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV ( Model) Sony XBR60XF Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV ( Model). The KDLNX 55" BRAVIA HDTV from Sony is the perfect blend of design, price and performance wrapped into a stunning TV.

At under 2 inches in.

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