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A full range of clean, noise-free information is read and recorded at the scanners' bit color depth and 4. From one of two dozen different slides scanned with both the Epson Perfection VM Pro on left and Epson Perfection V750-M Pro Copy Konica Minolta DiMAGE Scan Elite II dedicated 35mm scanner on rightoutputting to the same 16x24" by dpi file size, the definition and sharpness of detail, as well as density range and color were virtually identical and definitely competitive in quality. Brooks, All Rights Reserved Physically, film scanning is supported with new film holder designs with pins that assure precise alignment to the scan area, as well as tab adjustments to raise the film holder focus plane to accommodate bowed and droopy film.

How to Scan Negatives and Slides Using EPSON Scan

The new film holders include one for 35mm slide, 35mm filmstrips, 4x5 sheet film, and a medium format holder that holds two strips of film. The latter is of course a compromise, with its shortcoming being poor support for film cut in individual frames.

Epson, I think, would be well advised to offer optional holders for each of the standard medium format frame sizes from 6x4. Even if relatively expensive I am sure many photographers with a library of film would purchase extra cost holders for these specific frame sizes.

The printing performance from these high-resolution files is as impressive as the files are large. And film tends to have a slight curve, the emulsion a bit tighter than the base. The Epson holders don't stretch the film flat as much as close tightly down on the film. So a curved emulsion stays curled. Slides were easier to mount and scan.

Epson V Replacement for Epson VM Pro B&H Photo Video

There's very little curve to a single frame of 35mm film held captive by a slide mount. Be careful not to scratch the slides as you slide them under the stiff plastic springs. It's not a great design for slide mounting, but it works. The medium format holder gave us the most trouble. You have to walk the frame down, pinching in each fastener one side at a time. And still it's easy to miss a fastener. This one left the most curl in Epson Perfection V750-M Pro Copy film, too.


But we did like the 35mm film strip holder. It held the strips flat and securely without much trouble closing the more flexible frame back down on them.

Epson Perfection VM Pro Planet Photoshop

And all of the holders have a convenient finger catch to lift the holder off the glass without touching anything. Note the different height of the bumps on the outside legs.

One bump engages the holder at one height. The other, when reversed to latch into the same hole, engages at another height. Information about the height adjusters is not easily discovered.

But they aren't hard to use. They are simply four or six feet that snap Epson Perfection V750-M Pro Copy place on each holder. They each have an embossed arrow on them to indicate which of two options they have been positioned in. If you look at the bottom of a film holder at either end of the slots for the height adjusters, you'll see two symbols: They weren't left there by aliens. In the Preview window, you can click on a thumbnail and rotate your image or reverse it using the buttons under Frame on the left of the window. You can also uncheck the box below a thumbnail if you do not want to scan that image.


All images are selected by default. In the File Save Settings window that opens, under Location, choose where you want to save your files saving to the Desktop makes them easier to find.

TIFF are discussed above. All the images that were checked in the Preview window will be scanned and saved to the location you specified. Summary and last steps You now have high-quality digital images of your photos! Feel free to edit or rename any of your files — if you need help editing Epson Perfection V750-M Pro Copy picture with a program like Photoshop, ask one of our consultants. Remember to save and take your files with you by flash drive, external hard drive, self-addressed e-mail, or some other means. Epson Perfection V Pro.

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Epson Perfection V Pro. Model: B11B Product Home.

Epson Perfection V750-M Pro

Epson Perfection V Pro. Downloads; FAQs; Manuals and. Why choose the Epson Perfection V Pro? To get the highest-quality scans of negatives and photos, add an Epson Perfection V to your photo studio.

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