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The capacitive touch sensor comprises a thin, flexible, transparent, insulating substrate. A thin, flexible, transparent layer of resistive material is applied to one side of the substrate, and a thin, flexible, transparent, pressure-sensitive layer of adhesive material is applied to the substrate's other side. 3M Dynapro ET 4500 releasable sheet may cover this adhesive layer. A plurality of thin, flexible electrodes, electrical leads and conductive areas are applied to the resistive layer.

A thin, flexible, transparent layer of protective material protects the touch sensor's active touch area. Compounds may be added to this protective layer to enhance its conductivity and lubricity.

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A reel-to-reel process for manufacturing a plurality of such capacitive touch sensors also is described. The sensor usually is affixed over the computer system's monitor to enable the user to directly interact with the system through the monitor by means of finger-touch or a stylus.


Touch sensors fall into two broad categories, namely, digital touch sensors and analog touch sensors. The touch surface of a digital touch sensor is segregated into a plurality of discrete segments.

Each of these segments produces a discrete signal when touched. Sensing resolution is limited, therefore, to identifying the particular segment contacted by a finger or stylus. The signal from an analog touch sensor, on the other hand, is not discrete. Sensing resolution is limited only by the overall sensitivity of the sensor and its controlling electronics. Both analog and digital touch sensors employ a variety of techniques to determine the point at which a finger or stylus contacts the touch surface. These techniques include resistive sensing, capacitive sensing, acoustic sensing and optical sensing. The vast majority of touch sensors, however, use either resistive sensing or capacitive sensing techniques. A resistive touch sensor employs a flexible membrane positioned over a substrate.

The opposing surfaces of the membrane and substrate are coated with a transparent 3M Dynapro ET 4500 film. Insulating 3M Dynapro ET 4500 spacers are interposed between the membrane and the substrate. When the flexible membrane is pressed by a user, the conductive film of the membrane contacts the conductive film of the substrate. This contact causes current to flow between the membrane and substrate. A controller identifies the point of contact by comparing the current flowing from various electrodes or busbars printed on the conductive surfaces.

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A capacitive touch sensor employs no moving parts. In a capacitive touch sensor, a resistive coating is deposited directly upon a solid, insulating substrate. This substrate usually is made of glass.

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Electrodes positioned at the corners of the substrate establish an electrical field on the coating. A controller connected to these electrodes monitors the amount of current flowing through each of these electrodes.


A user's finger, or a conductive stylus, touching, or coming within close proximity to, the resistive coating causes capacitive coupling between the finger or stylus and the coating. This coupling causes a small amount of current to flow through the coating and each of the electrodes. Capacitive coupling through the user's body and ground complete the current path back to the controller.

The controller calculates the Cartesian coordinates, i. Capacitive touch sensors also can function to detect the proximity of an object to the touch 3M Dynapro ET 4500. In this case, physical contact with the touch sensor is not required. Capacitive coupling occurs between the object and the sensor through the space separating the object from the 3M Dynapro ET 4500. Since resistive sensors require moving parts, they are more complex and often more costly to manufacture than capacitive touch sensors.

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The optics of resistive touch sensors also are degraded by the sensor's multiplicity of separated layers having different refractive indices. Touch sensors located in bright environments require a low reflection touch screen to maintain display contrast. Install the Dynapro 3M Dynapro ET 4500 Computer close to the power source, so the unit can be easily and quickly disconnected. The power supply in this unit contains ha«. Find great deals for 3M Dynapro Touch Screen LCD Monitor Computer Et Shop with confidence on eBay!

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