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Its graphics performance is rather average, however, so anyone who plays games might be better off with an Alienware M or Dell XPS M Some half-size keys make typing difficult; pokey multitasking performance; frame rates suitable only to the casual gamer; mediocre battery life. The MSI GX's snazzy case looks like a powerhouse gaming laptop, but its performance is better suited to the casual gamer. Probably MSI GX600-08 Ethernet coolest feature which I have not seen since my 20Mhz desktop is a Turbo button to overclock the machine on the fly to bump the processor speed MSI GX600-08 Ethernet 2.

With its glossy black finish, flame decals, and huge MSI GX600-08 Ethernet logo front and center it really gets noticed compared to other notebooks. The only feature that seemed to be missing was big LEDs to light up the logo, which most lecturers will love not being in their classroom. Hardware Zone What does it mean to be a gamer? By the way, we've read many complaints about these horrible keys, especially about the dot key—it's very inconvenient to use it for example, when you type internet addresses.

MSI Megabook GX600

And finally, the right shift is mercilessly narrow, as wide as a regular letter key. Besides, it's shifted to the left, so it's hard to find this key.

The cursor keys are too narrow, so you often miss them and press neighboring keys. The second back slash button is also located here.

Interestingly, the left part of the keyboard is untouched—that is the left shift is of the standard length. In my opinion, it would have been better to narrow the left part of the keyboard a little instead of compressing the right part so much. The above points sound like drawbacks, but when you start typing actively, narrow keys in the right part of the keyboard become a serious problem—it's difficult and inconvenient to type using this keyboard. And finally, we should mention that the key in the left bottom corner of this keyboard is Fn, not ctrl. This keyboard feels much better than that in the M It's fixed well in the case, so there is MSI GX600-08 Ethernet no backlash! The keys MSI GX600-08 Ethernet a bit too hard to press, and their feedback is not good enough, but it's all right. On the whole, the keyboard produces a mixed impression.

On one hand, it has the luxurious numeric pad to type digits or to use as cursor key when you edit texts. On the other hand, it suffers from a number of awkward solutions and limitations in ergonomics. This notebook has a large touchpad with a dedicated scroll bar.


The touchpad is convenient, you will have no problems with it. And the dedicated scroll bar works fine for reading texts. However, it's too wide, so your left palm accidentally touches its surface and moves the cursor. It happens quite often, so you'd better disable the touchpad when MSI GX600-08 Ethernet type. The touchpad has hard buttons, which click loudly. Additional keys and indicators The GX has four additional MSI GX600-08 Ethernet, including the power button. It has the same size as the other extra keys and differs from them only in its label.

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The following button enables the Turbo button. According to the representative of the manufacturer at the presentationthis button in the battery mode should switch the notebook to the power saving mode.

But it didn't happen in practice. We should say a few words about Fn combinations. MSI traditionally offers just a few of them: All indicators of the GX are located on the front edge of the keyboard panel. Only the power indicator is duplicated over the MSI GX600-08 Ethernet button. There are seven blue LEDs under a common cover made of transparent plastic. When one of the indicators lights up, other LEDs are also illuminated a little. Case Case materials are typical of MSI.

But the company introduced special changes into the GX design. The unified bottom lid is made of mat cheap-looking plastic. All visible MSI GX600-08 Ethernet of the case are made of black glossy plastic.

On the whole, the notebook looks according to its positioning—not too cheap, but not expensive either. Its case design is actually no different from regular MSI notebooks, MSI GX600-08 Ethernet it produces a similar impression. However, this design features certain changes to highlight that it's a gaming product.

MSI Megabook GX - External Reviews

Firstly, there is a red-orange tattoo on the case. MSI GX600-08 Ethernet of the manufacturer call it a "Gaming tattoo". 80% Review MSI Megabook GX Notebook Notebookcheck four USB ports, one Firewire port, and LAN/Modem jacks to cover almost any device you have laying around.


Single Review, online available, Long, Date: 11/08/ Free Download MSI GX WLAN Card Drivers (Network Card).

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